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- Do not pick the date booked over 100 students.
- Must book at least 10 days prior to the camp day.
- Do not book on any holidays.
- Please contact us only in the working day and time.
- 1 day camp is not allow on Saturday.

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Learning Activites


1. Indoor exhibitions.
- The secret of the planet : Geology, Crust, Stone, Minerals, Quake, Volcanos
- Basic Science : there are many toys shows here.
- The hydro circle : fish and water exhibition.
- Astronomy and space : the story of the stars in the sky.
- Pitrolium : Learn how to rig the oil in Thailand.
- 3D theatre : the future of watching a movie.
- Child City : Science for Kids 3-8 years.

2. Outdoor exhibitions.
- Science Park : many outdoor toys to learn the scientific principles in the same time.
- Geological world : next to Khun Phnom hill - our lime stone class room.
- Demo rice field : it was a little abandon swamp. But now it's changed into a little rice field. So everybody can learn the rice field ecosystem.
- 3D Art Street : the 3d magic everyone can play with your camera.
- Kids world : science for kids (3 - 9 yrs). Best for thought development.

3. Temporary exhibition.
- The father of Thai science and the genius in science of King Rama IX

**To achieve the complete learning process. All the students must complete every query in a questionaire.
 Apply for an exhibition For more information. Pleas call: 086-267-5834

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Eienstein


Institute title Nakhon Si Thammarat Science Center for Education
Address Moo 3 Tambon Bankoh, Amphoe Prom Khiri, Nakhon Si Thammarat, 80320
Telephone : 075-396363, Fax : 075-396364
Email nakhon.sci@gmail.com
Facebook / Fanpage  facebook.com/nsc.camp
Subordinate Office of the non-formal and informal education, Ministry of Education

Nakhon Si Thammarat Science Center for Education was titled as "Science Center for Education of Nakhon Si Thammarat province". It was established by the cabinet resolution on August 16, 1994. And created on March 16, 1995 according to the cabinet approved to build the science centre for education and its network. (Mr.Chuan Leekpai as a prime minister with Mr.Sampan Thongsamak as a minister of education).

Acted as the educational institute, subordinated Out school education (later changed to Office of the non-formal and informal education, Ministry of Education). Located on Khun Phnom temple Moo 3, Tambon Bankoh, Amphoe Prom Khiri, Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Nakhon Si Thammarat Science Center for Education is the first regional science centre.

To expand the opportunity of studying science to the urban youth. And to support the class of science and technology. Various scientific activities here are the knowledge distribution to Nakhon Si Thammarat and its neighbour.

Later on February 5, 2003. Her majesty princess Sirindhorn has come for a grand openning.


   Nakhon Si Thammarat Science Center for Education is about 2 rais. Located on Moo 3, Tambon Bankoh, Amphoe Prom Khiri, Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Next to Khun Phnom educational park.

- North : to Khun Phnom school.
- South : to Khun Phnom temple.
- East : to the soccer field of Khun Phnom school.
- West : to the Khun Phnom hill.1

Where the abundant of natural resources of Amphoe Prom Khiri, Nakhon Si Thammarat. And the location where the Khun Phnom hill and Klong Nok tha canal existed. Here is the best place to settle the Nakhon Si Thammarat Science Center for Education.

Considered by the geological matters that suitable for creating the natural related and native life style activities. Together to learn through the nature. At this place Khun Phnom hill, Klong Nok Tha canal, The nature based agricultural community where an original culture and life style is held. Is the best place for a learner to build the learning process on their own.

To grow a sustainable learning process.Nowadays, Nakhon Si Thammarat Science Center for Education is the key place to contribute the science to a visitor within Nakhon Si Thammarat and all over the South.

No. Name - Surname Position Range
1 Cpt, Thipaya Saengthong Shief October 1997 - July 1998
2 Mr.Banyat Laypayak Executive 5 July 1998 - February 2002
3 Mr.Banyat Laypayak Director February 2002 - September 2022
4 Mr.Bunlert Ketkasat Director October 2022 - Recent
No. Photo Name - Surname Position Expertise
1 Kritsanadet Charoensuthasinee Committee chaiman Science
2 Mr.Ronachai Kiripetch Committee Education
3 Amonrat Patchanee Committee Human Security
4 Amnuay Chunoo Committee Social, community and environment development
5 Tantawan Khionamchum Committee Local Wisdom
6 Supachai Rahethan Committee Religion, art and tradition.
7 Rangsit Chaloemwan Committee Politic
8 Nantakan Bunchuay Committee Health
9 Mr.Banyat Laypayak Committee and Secretary Director of NSC

1. "Live Museum" was rewarded the 8th Thailand travel (Kinnaree) prize of 2010. Award of Outstanding Performance for Recreational Attractions for Learning Tourist Attraction : The South.
2. The innovative prize : The best syllabus in 2010 from the Office of the non-formal and informal education, Ministry of Education.
3. The 3rd prize of the country. The institute under the department 2010.
4. The 1st prize of the best educational institute of the country 2009.
5. The 1st prize the best director of the Office of the non-formal and informal education, Ministry of Education 2009.
6. "Play and Learn @ NSC" was rewarded the 9th Thailand travel award (Kinnaree) for 2013. Award of Outstanding Performance for Recreational Attractions for Learning Tourist Attraction : The South.1

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Our Services

Philosophy Build the thinking system, insill in Science
Vision By 2016 the NSC will be the excelent organization in creating the science based activity by learniners' preferences. With activities that related to nature and environment.
Uniqueness Tiny place, happiness of learning.
Identity Happy and enjoy with learning
เจ้าหนูถามจัง สัญลักษณ์ศูนย์วิทย์ สร้างระบบคิด ปลูกจิตวิทยาศาสตร์
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1. Manage the science learning creatively and suitable for all target learners.
2. Develop and link the science learning process to use in the daily routine and protect the local disaster.
3. Cooperate the network in making the learning with private and governments.
4. Research the medias and activities of science learning up to date and relate the to learners.
5. Integrated the innovatives science to develop the economic creatively.
6. Support and develop the science learning resources to be a local tourist attractions.
The Nakhon Si Thammarat Science center for Education is under the Office of the non-formal and informal education, Ministry of Education. It provide a variety of educational services which is cover in 4 areas :
1. Exhibitions there are several types such as permanent, temporary and mobile exhibition.
The indoor and outdoor routine exhibitions For example, The secret of the planet, Basic Science, The hydro circle, Astronomy and space, Pitrolium, 3D theatre, Child City, Science Park, Geological world, Demo rice field, 3D Art Street and Kids world.

Temporary exhibitions will be held timely according to the moment such as the Father of Thai science.
Mobile exhibition there will be the mobile exhibition and mobile planetarium. Moving to schools, agencies or even join the major fair as requiested.

2. Camp activities The Nakhon Si Thammarat Science center for Education provide the science camping services. Which is many activity to choose. Each activity focus on the funny, happy from the real performance outside the classroom. With the natural resources around Khun Phanom hilll and the community nearby. To make the learners knowledged by the surroundings with skills, process of science. Every activity is respond to the level KPI and 5 capaties of the learners : communication, thinking, problem solving, life skill, technology. According to the mean syllabus of 2008. The camp activities has developed either the objectives and methods to be done within 3 hours. Every activity group is categorize by the idea and method. There 6 groups as follow.
2.1 Play & Learn (4 activities) : Science show, Math magic, Global warming, Thai toys.
2.2 Power of thinking (5 activities) : Inquiry, Discovery, Walk Rally, Dream ledging, Detective
2.3 Handmade (3 activities) : Candle drawing, Tie dying, Para learning
2.4 The four elements (6 activities) : River Detective, Little Meteo, Little Geologist, Forest Detective, Rock Climbing, Karome trail, Adventure, Nok Tha Rally
2.5 Sky Decoder (1 activity) : Sky Detective
2.6 Science for Kids (1 activity) : Science for Kids

3. Education activity The Nakhon Si Thammarat Science center for Education is provide various educational activities as follow.
- Expert
- Host the conference of science and technoloty.
- Media provider : paper, publication and CD
- Knowledge, articles, lessons, E-learning via website
Education development project of 2015

- Development of itennirary and educational tourist attractions.
- Knowledge distribution of Klong Noktha ecosystem.
- Siminar in science activities hosting network.
- Science show contest.
- Mobile science : NSC happy youth
- Online camp booking system
- Science film
- Marketing communication
- Science skill development for children
- NSC to the brilliant.
- Science toys improvement.
- Hydro detective contest.
- Youth development with scientific social.
    Because NSC is under the control of the Office of the non-formal and informal education, Ministry of Education. It needs to assure the quality of educational. To standardize it and to make the people accept it's roll and missions. Nakhon Si Thammarat Science center for education has developed the information system to assure the education quality. To store all data related to the standard and indicators.

It is very comfortable to save, store, search and implement. This system is a prototype for the other school or educational institue.
    To make a Human Resouces information. Every year, NSC is usually rely on eCitizen software. (an application to manage the human resources that the central office has developed for all the school and education institute. So they can send back the same data.) When a school finish collecting data. It will be sent to report the Ministry of Education every year. eCitizen seems to cover the needs of work, but it is not. Because the delay in collecting data, difficult and inaccurate. So we initiate to develop our own information system to manage the human resources as describe follow:

1. Before develop stage. We has meet up to analyse the problem of what's the problem and how to improve it.
2. Research the possibility in making of an information system.
3. Analyse the user requirements
4. Design the system according to the user requirements.
5. Develop the system to the user requirements.
6. Implement the application onto the server.
7. Make a related documents.
8. Test and run the application before launch.
Outdoor Exhibitions

Kids will having fun with the outdoor park where there're many toys and activities to discover. Out door toys, 3D art street or observe a real rice field ecosystem.

Mobile Science

Like a scientific delivery. Our bus contains many of knowledge and activity to serve every kids with joyful and experimental. Because the knowledge is not limit only in a room.


A top-rated activity for the night stay camping. When a sky is clear you can travel to the outer space. Explore the solar system by a telescope and the advice from our staffs.

Indoor Exhibitions

There're many rooms for you to explore. Solar System, The underground secret, Underwater world, Basic SCI, SCI Show, 3D Movies, SCI for kids and sci for thought.

The mission of future

Each activity is blended with knowledge and science. The learners will be fun with no feeling of studying. And with these environment - they'll learn with joy.
"We can put the technologies over Khun Phnom hill but there is one thing that we can't replace. That is we cannot move the nature, environment and valuable community of here to somewhere else."
นายบัญญัติ ลายพยัคฆ์

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Telephone / Fax.

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Moo.3, Tambon Bankoh, Amphoe Promkiri, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80320